Our Philosophy


Avani Interior Design is a friendly interior design company drawing upon 14 years of experience. Avani Interior Design was founded by principal designer Avani Patel, who before setting up her own company worked for several years with Kelly Hoppen, the highly acclaimed British interior designer as part of her London design team. Since then Avani has created her own unique style, designing homes for clients from a variety of cultural backgrounds all over Europe and the UK. Her work has been highly acclaimed and been published in Architectural Digest. She has a great ability to integrate her clients personal tastes with references to their diverse heritage.

Avani has a rich cultural background, being an African-born Indian British National. She is married to a German National with equally multi-cultural roots. Avanis International heritage has made her very attractive to clients from all different social and cultural backgrounds. She has designed homes in a multitude of styles, ranging from minimalist to contemporary, to "East meets West", to very eclectic or "Boho" for example.

"My aim is to provide every client with a tailor-made home that truly reflects their personality and suits their chosen life-style. I know and appreciate that your home and working environment are so important to you. I promise you that we will listen carefully to your needs and endeavour to find the most suitable solutions for you and your budget.

Our speciality is to involve you in the creative process of your project in a fun and easeful way, so that rather than ending up with a mere duplicated ‘signature-designed’ exercise, in the end you will enjoy the experience of your own, truly individualised designer home."